Should I buy a residential plot in Newtown Rajarhat for Investment?

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Newtown has been recognised for its desirable plot for investment in recent years. Nestled in the vibrant city of Kolkata, the region stands out as a luxurious, well-designed, and smart city. It is just 11 km west of the bustling capital. Newtown also seamlessly integrates into the larger Kolkata Metropolitan Area while stretching across the enormous North and South 24 Parganas districts. 

With its rapid progress with smart infrastructure, wide roads, lush green surroundings, and new-age commercial developments, it has transformed into a thriving hotspot for home buyers and seasoned real estate investors. However, novices often feel perplexed about the profitability of Investing in a residential plot in Newtown

In this blog, we shall understand why you must certainly invest in residential plots in Newtown.

The Perks of Investing in Residential Plot in Rajarhat

Here are some of the remarkable reasons that make Newtown Rajarhat a sought-after plot for investment.

  • Solid Infrastructure and Connectivity

Newtown has superior road connectivity. It very well connects to other parts of Kolkata via the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass (EM Bypass), VIP Road, and Rajarhat Expressway. In addition, the upcoming East-West Metro corridor, which will connect Salt Lake Sector V to Howrah Maidan, will further enhance the area’s connectivity. The Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport is just 12 km away.

  • Well-planned Area

Rajarhat is being developed with a primary focus on sustainability and planned urbanization.?The smart city project aims for a healthy balance between residential and commercial developments, as well as green zones and well-groomed gardens. 

Newtown is also home to several reputed schools, healthcare facilities, and shopping malls, which adds to the overall demand for the residential plot in Rajarhat.

  • Notable Commercial Developments

Newtown is fast becoming an IT and commercial hub. It has multiple IT parks and multinational companies (MNCs), such as Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Wipro, and Cognizant. The exponential growth has led to increased employment opportunities, attracting professionals from different parts of the country.

How Investors Can Make the Most Out of a Residential Plot in Rajarhat

As we take the above-mentioned factors into account, investing in a residential plot in Newtown Rajarhat certainly seems to be a promising decision. As the region continues to develop, the demand for residential spaces is likely to increase, leading to a potential appreciation in the value of your asset. 

Here’s how potential property owners can monetize their investment in residential plots in Rajarhat.

1. Hold and Sell

You can hold onto the plot and sell it at a later date when the property values appreciate further, without specific plans for its development. This is also known as land banking. Over time, as the development in the area progresses, the demand for land in Newtown Rajarhat is also anticipated to surge, ensuring a handsome return on investment (ROI).

2. Build a House and Sell it. 

You can always develop the plot and sell the constructed property for a premium rate. However, make sure to keep an eye on market conditions and the demand for luxurious properties like bungalows. 

You can sell the property at an appreciated value by enhancing its visual appeal and incorporating modern amenities and tasteful decor elements.  Also, make sure to build a spacious House because the availability of capacious homes is rare in a busy city, and buyers are willing to spend more for the same.

Make sure you employ a strategic utilization of available space while also focusing on sustainability. Also, use high-quality construction materials to ensure durability and foster trust.

Furthermore, landscaping, outdoor amenities, and additional facilities, such as solar water heaters can further increase the desirability of the residential plot in Rajarhat.

3. Rent it Out

You can build a residential structure and lease it out to tenants. With the growing number of professionals moving to the area, the rental demand is likely to remain strong. 

Again, you can charge a higher rent than your competitors by making the house attractive yet easy to maintain. You can also allure tenants by introducing offers like free Wi-Fi for a year, vouchers for the nearest grocery stores, movie tickets, etc. 

Final Thoughts 

Buying a residential plot for investment in Newtown is indeed a wise decision, considering the area’s rapid development and potential ROI. 
So, consider investing in a reliable bungalow development project like Swapnabhumi Newtown. This 500+ acres project comes with a host of amenities and configurations, allowing investors to choose from a range of options. Contact today!

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