Why is Investing in a Residential Plot More Profitable Than a Flat?

Residential Plot Investing

As a real estate investor, you may often ponder over the range of investment opportunities that lay ahead of you when it comes to residential plot investing. You want to weigh the profit potential of different types of assets and only then make the final move. But are you among the large chunk of investors who feel indecisive when choosing between a plot and a flat?  

If yes, this blog will certainly put an end to your quandary. While both options have their pros and cons, investing in a residential plot seems to be more profitable for various reasons.

Read on to understand what makes a plot a better investment choice for long-term gains.

Plots Give You a Higher Value 

Given that land is a scarce resource, its value is likely to appreciate over time as compared to flats, especially in urban areas. However,  the degree of appreciation also depends on the location and proximity to amenities around the area. 

For example, when you buy a residential plot in Swapnabhumi, Newtown which is at the heart of Kolkata and has a range of amenities around, you have the highest chances of getting optimal returns. 

Besides, the demand for well-located pieces of land is always high, making it easier for investors to find a buyer and get a good return on investment.

In contrast, flats depreciate faster over time as they are easily available, and are more vulnerable to wear and tear, which further eats up their value.

Freedom to Utilize the Property as You’d Like

Owning a flat comes with its own set of restrictions, especially when you want to modify parts of the home as you desire. This is because you are obligated to adhere to the apartment’s structure and design. 

On the other hand, residential plot investing lets you take full control of the property. You can design your dream home as you like, while still having space for outdoor conveniences, like a verandah, outdoor seating, parking spot, etc. 

You Don’t Have to Bear Extra Costs for Amenities 

Flats usually come with associated maintenance costs for common areas and amenities like parks, security, and lifts. These costs can be substantial and increase over time, affecting the overall profitability of the investment in the long run.

On the flip side, residential plot investing does not carry any extra maintenance costs. Although you may have to look after the upkeep of your property, these will likely be lower than those for flats.

You Don’t Have to Struggle with Possession Delays 

Buying a flat under construction means struggling with excruciating waiting time until you get possession. It can take anywhere between six months to years until the apartment is finally handed over to you. Such delays can be caused by multiple reasons such as financial problems faced by builders, disputes over land, or slow regulatory approvals. 

However, when you invest in residential plots with trusted development projects like Swapnabhumi, Newtown, you can easily eliminate the risk of unprecedented delays.

No Compromise With the Construction 

Cases of inefficient construction, structural flaws, use of poor-quality raw materials, water leakages, and other structural issues can significantly decrease a property’s value. However, with a plot, you have the choice to hire a trusted developer to build your dream home as per your requirements and preferences. 

For instance, apart from landfilling and properly paved roads, all plots in the Swapnabhumi come with an efficient drainage system that prevents issues like water logging. 

Residential Plot Investing: In a Nutshell 

Invest in the largest residential township project of eastern India – Swapnabhumi, Newtown. The property spreads over a vast area of 500+ acres and provides its residents with a top-notch lifestyle with its wide-ranging amenities. It also consists of residential plots in varying configurations, allowing investors to experience not only the luxury of space but also that of choice. Contact today!

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